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high13Only seven sites at Highland Waters remain for sale – averaging 2 1/2 acres in size – of which five have premium waterside positions.

The sale price ranges between $120,000 to $345,000 AUD per site. Click here for purchase details


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Lot 13 Waterfront 1.055 ha NOW $345,000 – Click to view details

lot13Type: Waterfront

Price: NOW $345,000
Area: 1.055 hectares
Vacant allotment with quality houses constructed on adjoining lots 12 and 14. Lake frontage 98.536 m
Aspect: Facing North with sheltered gently sloping land offering a range of house sites.
Excellent water views.
The land has been cleared of all scrub leaving a park-like landscape with many trees of various sizes.
Located approximately 2K from entrance gate.

Lot 28 Waterfront 0.9040 ha (WAS $350,000) NOW $220,000 – Click to view details

Lot 28Type: Waterfront
Area: 0.9040 ha
Price: $350,000 NOW $220,000
Aspect: South East with gentle slopes to Lake.
This lot has over one hundred metres of frontage to the foreshore reserve. It has good fishing waters  with a foreshore aspect to dead gums within the lake. These could be of particular interest to bird lovers as the trees offer ample opportunities to place nesting boxes for ducks and other wildlife.

Lot 29 Waterfront 9099 sq metres. $240,000 – Click to view details

Lot 29Type: Waterfront
Area: 9099 sq metres
Price: $240,000
Aspect: East South East.
This lot is cleared of all scrub and bushland has a gentle 4degree slope to the foreshore reserve. This lot has the most preferred fishing shoreline of 104 metres.

Lot 36 Waterfront Access 1.2220 ha (WAS $350,000) NOW $225,000 – Click to view details

Lot 36Type: Waterfront Access
Area: 1.2220 ha
Price: $350,000 NOW $225,000
Aspect: North with gentle slopes to Foreshore Access.
Again this is a magnificent large allotment with a sunny aspect overlooking a shallow grassy valley. It is only a minute or two walk to the lake shore. Tall eucalyptus trees are prominent and the entire block could easily be developed into a parklike environment. It has many attributes.

Lot 37 Hillside 1.2870 ha (WAS $160,000) NOW $120,000 – Click to view details

Type: Hillside
Area: 1.2870 ha
Price: $160,000 NOW $120,000
Aspect: South with gentle access to Pauciflora Drive.
This lot is adjacent to many hectares of natural bushland. From the road the aspect ideally suits an A-frame type of lodge situated amid beautiful white eucalyptus trees.

Lot 38 Hillside 1.2480 ha (WAS $160,000) NOW $130,000 – Click to view details

Lot 38 from Road 14.08.2007 083Type: Hillside
Area: 1.2480 ha
Price: $160,000 NOW $130,000
Aspect: South with gentle access to Pauciflora Drive.
From the road this allotment again presents an ideal site for an A-frame style home set amid tall white eucalyptus trees. The block has sufficient depth to suit variable house-site locations to maximise a parklike environment.

Lot 40 Hillside 1.084 ha (WAS $160,000) NOW $140,000 – Click to view details

Lot 40 from Road 14.08.2007 090Type: Hillside
Area: 1.0840 ha
Price: $160,000 NOW $140,000
Aspect: South with gentle access to Pauciflora Drive.
A similar allotment to lots 37 to 39 with limited views of Lake Highland Waters, beautifully treed and a depth of over one hundred and forty metres. There is great scope for development.

Exclusive Lodge - For Sale

This magnificent property in the exclusive gated community of Highland Waters in Tasmania’s Central Highlands is arguably the finest private lodge in the central highlands district.


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